What Makes LA Different From the Rest of America?

Los Angeles. LA. The City of Angeles. Whatever you call it, LA is unique unto itself, culturally distinct from the rest of the United States.

Los Angeles has a unique mix of cultures within it’s sprawling borders. Hispanic, Asian, urban, suburban, and other influences meld together with a dash of a laid back Californian lifestyle to create a vibe you can only find in Los Angeles.

A large number of people have adopted Los Angeles as their home from other parts of [...]

Can I Visit Celebrities When I’m in LA?

It’s easy for tourists to see how celebrities live and visit their homes. Hollywood offers numerous tours that take you directly to the homes of actors, singers, producers and directors. It’s unlikely that these stars will invite you in for coffee, but you might catch glimpses of them as they mow the lawn, punch paparazzi in the nose and get arrested for breaking probation.

The best tours start out from various hotels around LA. The hotel desk will likely have pamphlets that will name [...]

Visiting Hollywood: Traveling Opportunities and Things to See

Hollywood is located west of downtown Los Angeles and is a district of the city. Many tourist come to see the Hollywood Walk Of Fame stars and other city attractions. There are any things to see and do when you visit. Consider taking a tour bus to view the local attractions. The nightlife in West Hollywood is a popular place for people who like to party. The restaurants are expensive but the food is world-class.

You can see the famous landmarks that has made the city famous. There is so much to [...]

Top Visited Communities in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California is made up of approximately 72 suburbs. With all of the different communities, neighborhoods and cultures that each area of the city brings, Los Angeles provides residents and visitors with an experience unlike what they may be expecting. While many may first think of LA as a home to movie stars, the rich and the famous, that’s not all that this city is about. Within the city, you will find much smaller cities, each [...]

Los Angeles History: From the Beginning

The story of the Los Angeles region and city begins before recorded history. Evidenced is left behind of civilizations dating from thousands of years B.C. The Tongva and the Chumash people are the first known people to settle before Europeans came.

First Known Europeans

As recorded, Europeans first visited in the 1500s. An explorer from Portugal, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, claimed the region for Spain in 1542. The Franciscan Friar, Junipero Serra had the Mission San Gabriel Arcangel built in the 1770s. The region was under Spanish [...]

What is it Like to Live in LA?

Are you considering a move across the country to California? If so, you might be wondering what it’s like to live in Los Angeles. Well, you’ll likely always be surrounded by plenty of people. In any city, it’s not uncommon to see individuals out on the streets at any hour of the day.

Furthermore, you’ll always have access to something fun to do. You can try out new restaurants of every ethnicity, check out museums, visit historical sites that people from all over the world come to see and tour other major cities in California with relative ease. [...]

Fun and Exciting Recreational Opportunities Near LA

Los Angeles, California provides residents and visitors with a wide range of fun and exciting recreational opportunities that they can participate in. From swimming and camping to golfing or taking your pooch to a dog park, there’s no better way to enjoy life than by staying active. Parks throughout the city are also known for holding special annual events and performing arts performances that are open to all visitors. Get out and about in the city of LA and enjoy all of the amazing recreational opportunities that it has [...]

How Has LA Changed Throughout the Years?

Los Angeles has changed quite a bit throughout the years. The last few in particular have brought out plenty of change. People seem to be more concerned with green living. As a result, LA’s citizens are starting to drive hybrid cars and recycle more. Public transportation can still be a little sketchy, but it is getting more popular. Crime also seems to better controlled in depressed areas of the city. People seem to get blonder and tanner as the years pass. Plastic surgery is very popular; at times, ADT Home Security Systems, it can seem like a requirement to live in the city.

Downtown LA features many more options for nightlife now than ever before. More people are also starting to live in the new apartment buildings that have been renovated over the years. The LA Live complex has brought many events to the area as well.

Real estate in general continues to sky rocket. Homes bought several years ago could have easily doubled in price today. There might be a housing recession in the rest of the country, but not in LA! It can be hard to find single family homes for a decent price. As a result, many people have started to move to suburbs of LA despite the horrendous commute.