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How Has LA Changed Throughout the Years?

Los Angeles has changed quite a bit throughout the years. The last few in particular have brought out plenty of change. People seem to be more concerned with green living. As a result, LA’s citizens are starting to drive hybrid cars and recycle more. Public transportation can still be a little sketchy, but it is getting more popular. Crime also seems to better controlled in depressed areas of the city. People seem to get blonder and tanner as the years pass. Plastic surgery is very popular; at times, ADT Home Security Systems, it can seem like a requirement to live in the city.

Downtown LA features many more options for nightlife now than ever before. More people are also starting to live in the new apartment buildings that have been renovated over the years. The LA Live complex has brought many events to the area as well.

Real estate in general continues to sky rocket. Homes bought several years ago could have easily doubled in price today. There might be a housing recession in the rest of the country, but not in LA! It can be hard to find single family homes for a decent price. As a result, many people have started to move to suburbs of LA despite the horrendous commute.

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